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Webinar Recording - Sports Coaching (4 Things)

With Abigail Curtis and Karin Coyne

Abigail Curtis DVM and Karin Coyne are Level 2 TAGteachers, they have been practicing parkour for 2½ years. Parkour is a physical discipline whereby practitioners utilize physical training to master their own movements by climbing, running, jumping and balancing over the obstacles in their environments.

For a brief video introduction to Parkour, see here: http://youtu.be/yvP_HfVa2Rs?t=32s 

In this webinar Abigail and Karin will show to you not only how they have implemented TAGteach for the specifics of Parkour, but also how these principles and techniques will transfer over into other sport training as well. Through the use of videos and discussion they will cover topics such as:

  • Dealing with fear
  • Problem solving 
  • Breaking down movements
  • Reading your learner 
  • Advantages of using an audible marker
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