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Webinar Recording: How the Brain Learns (Why TAGteach Works so Well)

"Just finished a fabulous webinar with Luca Canever. Whether you are a teacher or learner or both this webinar is well worth viewing." - Joey Iversen

"I loved the webinar! Wow, he assembled a lot of great scientific information to validate TAGteach. Excellent, educational experience!" - Martha Gabler

Luca Canever is a Level 3 TAGteacher, with lots of experience applying TAGteach and teaching others. Luca is a scientist with a keen interest in the brain and how it learns. He will talk about recent research into brain science and will explain why it is that TAGteach works so well.

In this webinar Luca will help us understand this fascinating phenomenon by covering the following topics:
  • Working memory and cognitive load - why we can talk less, yet teach more.
  • Associative learning - what a sea hare and Stephen Hawking have in common.
  • Maps in the brain - why my car is not like yours.

Click here to read an article by Luca with some more details about what he will cover in the webinar.


Here is a snippet from the webinar


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