TAGteach International

Basic Principles Articles Series

 A series of 20 articles on the basic principles and application of TAGteach, by Joan Orr, Theresa McKeon and Victoria Fogel

Table of Contents

Article #1: TAGteach—Get the Point!

Article #2: The Focus Funnel

Article #3: TAGteach—Give Them What They Want

Article #4: TAGteach: The Power of Peer Tagging

Article #5: Incorporating TAGteach into Your Own Lessons

Article #6: Incorporating TAGteach into Daily Routines

Article #7: Using TAGteach to Get and Maintain Focus

Article #8: TAGteach and Children with Special Needs

Article #9: Using TAGteach to Gain Co-operation Around the House

Article #10: Using TAGteach for Language and Music

Article #11: Using TAGteach for Math and Science

Article #12: Using TAGteach for Physical Movement

Article #13: The Point of Success

Article #14: Tag Don’t Nag

Article #15: Creating a Climate for Success

Article #16: Tagging on the Fly

Article # 17: Learner Self-Assessment with TAGteach

Article #18: Student Can Be the Teacher with TAGteach

Article #19: Creating Creative Cues with TAGteach

Article #20: TAGteach Without the Tagger?


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