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Webinar Recording - Back Chaining

Webinar Recording: Back Chaining - The Key to Reliability 

This webinar hosted by Joan Orr (with Theresa McKeon) provides an introduction to a key strategy useful to all TAGteachers. This topic will also be of interest to animal trainers since it is equally applicable to animal training. 

Back chaining involves teaching a skill starting from the end and going to the beginning. We will cover the following topics:
  1. What is back chaining?
  2. Why is it useful and effective?
  3. How to break a skill down
  4. How to implement a back chain
We will consider video examples of both complex and simple back chains.
This is a intermediate/advanced level webinar and will assume knowledge of basic TAGteach, how to use a marker, understanding of the concept of a behavior chain, understanding of the concept of a cue and understanding of basic task analysis. We will not have time to cover these topics in the webinar


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